Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy 2nd Heavenly Birthday Abby!

This year, to celebrate Abby's 2nd heavenly birthday, we decorated lanterns and sent some love up to heaven.  The kids did a really nice job on them. Happy birthday baby girl.  We love you and miss you every day!

 Away it goes, all the way up to heaven!

Christmas 2015

We hosted Paul's family for Christmas on December 19, then my mom and dad spent Christmas day with us.  It was a very relaxed holiday this year, which was really nice.

Christmas desserts!
Wrestling with Uncle Bob

Christmas Eve mass
 Christmas morning

 I think Owen liked Hattie's new tricycle as much as she did!

 Papa and Nana got the kids a camper tent - here Papa is helping to set it up

 Roasting marshmallows by the camper

Holiday Programs

Owen's class put on a holiday program for us and it was very cute!  They sang songs in Spanish, sign language, about Chanukah, about Christmas and about Kwanza.  Hattie loved seeing her brother up on stage performing and danced and danced. It was ironic, because her school put on a program and every day, her teachers sent home notes saying how much she danced and had fun at practice.  But then when the real thing happened, it was at 4:30, which is a rough time of day for her.  She was crying when they walked into the church and then after crying through the first song, she sat on my lap the rest of the program.

Sitting on her teacher, Sue's lap
 This was what most of the program looked like..
 Happy that it's over and to hang out with her BFF, Charlotte
 Love that little smile!

 Showing us his classroom after the holiday program
 Hattie found books, so big brother read to her

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Holiday Weekend Fun

What a fun weekend!  I love the weekends leading up to the holidays because there are always so many fun things going on.  This weekend we put up our Christmas tree, celebrated with our friends, the Withers family, had a date night and had a cookie party with the Gingerbread Crew. Whew!  It was a whirlwind, but so much fun!

Our tree

Hattie's first time jumping at Skyzone
Ninja Turtle Legos?!!  What could be better?
I wish I had a video of Hattie squealing when she opened her gift.  It was priceless!
Livia opening her soccer bag
Sophia opening her Peppa Pig toys
We had lots of happy kiddos after a morning of pancakes, jumping and presents.  Thanks Withers family for a fun day and the blessing of your friendship!

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

Each year, our friendly elf, Jolly, visits our family.  Normally he arrives on Thanksgiving weekend and brings with him a very special breakfast from the North Pole. He must've known how busy this weekend is for us because much to our surprise, he arrived this morning!  

Hattie giggled at him and Owen had a big smile on his face when he discovered that Jolly had returned. It probably helps that Jolly doesn't seem to be into health food, rather hot cocoa and powdered sugar donuts!  Jolly always brings the kids an ornament for their trees.  This year, Hattie received a little ballerina angel and Owen received a soccer player and a Cub Scout shirt ornament.  Jolly must've really missed Owen and Hattie because this year, he brought them each a Christmas book and a pair of Christmas jammies too!  It was a great morning!

Next up...watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in our jammies and filling our Advent calendar with slips of paper containing acts of kindness that we can do for others this holiday season.  I love some of the sweet ideas that Owen has come up with so far. He has such a kind, giving spirit. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hattie's Healed Heart

I haven't posted much on Hattie's recovery, mainly because from the moment we got home, she seemed like her old self.  She was on Advil and Tylenol the first week she was home and that was it. She is running around, chasing Owen, eating well, just being a silly, mischievous 1 year old!  

The last two steri strips fell off last week, so we are seeing her 'zipper' for the first time.  It's looking great!  The two spots at the bottom are where the drainage tubes were inserted into her chest.

We feel blessed beyond measure that her surgery and recovery went so smoothly.  From here, she'll see the cardiologist in January and then April and if all looks good, we'll go to yearly appointments into her adulthood.

We believe in miracles!! ❤️